Meet Dharshini… 

Dharshini Chanderbhan,M.A.

Dharshini Chanderbhan founded Thrive Toronto in 2017 to approach wellness in a different way. Having worked as a Clinical Therapist, she saw the need for services that don’t fall within the formal therapy. She believes that a focus on finding better ways of thriving in your life rather than just surviving your life is vital.

Dharshini enjoys working with people to achieve a sense of overall fulfillment. Using warm and encouraging support, she allows people to rediscover their confidence, find life balance and enjoy every aspect of their lives. Dharshini firmly believes that each person’s story is unique, and that using an integrated approach is often ideal to maintain long term success. 

Dharshini has worked with individuals on finding joy and meaningful change for over a decade, and her experience includes working with women and men with all of life’s transitions, obstacles and barriers, including finding meaningful relationships and careers and maintaining those relationships and careers, improving self confidence and self esteem.