Thriving Moms

Let me focus on your self -care while you focus on theirs…

Let me focus on your self -care while you focus on theirs…


Taking Care of You

In all my years of working with parents, especially moms, as well as being a mom myself, I found that moms have the hardest time focusing on their own needs. Regardless of whether you have a supportive partner, a strong tribe friends and family or external supports for raising your children, I found that moms often neglected themselves.

Seeing this over and over again, I realized that I’m not okay with this as the status quo.That the term ‘something’s gotta give’ should not apply to us moms. That’s why I started Thriving Moms, in the hopes that I would be able to lend my years as a mental health professional, and my experience working with mothers for over a decade to help moms not just survive motherhood, but thrive in it and in themselves.

thriving together

What I can do for you:

  • Focus on you: whether it’s about building a manageable self care plan, keeping you accountable on your self care needs, working together to look at your overall health and emotional well-being

  • Offer flexible hours: we can have short calls (while the baby naps!), video conference or even text for quick questions.

  • Let me focus on your needs when you have to focus on their needs:

    • Post-partum care - right after you give birth can be a uniquely difficult time with the hormonal fluctuations, the exhaustion and the pain. There’s a lot you need in order to heal, but most times you don’t have time to focus on it because you’re focused on taking care of this new tiny human.

    • Support to help you through harder days, not all days are made equal, especially when you’re a mom dealing with an ever changing, growing being or two or three.

    • Symptoms of depression or anxiety. Even if you don’t have deep post partum depression or anxiety, there can be times in motherhood where we can feel really low or highly anxious an worried. I can be on hand to navigate through these times and also provide you with some tools to help you through. If you’re unsure of whether it’s serious or perfectly normal, I can offer some help there as well.

    • Relationship support: Not everyone has time or has a need for formal couples therapy, but a few strategies on overcoming barriers or communication techniques can be really helpful.

    • Improving overall emotional well-being: whether we focus on your health, self-care, or your feelings around your kids or partner. From days when you are frustrated with your partner, or your kids, or both! to days when you feel rundown, overwhelmed and exhausted. I can provide you the strength and support through these moments, and help create a more balanced experience

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