Wellness Consulting


Thrive Toronto's Wellness Consultants can assist you with all your wellness needs. Our appointments are flexible, and we work with your schedule.

If you're feeling stuck, going through a significant life transition, or would like to find some support in improving your overall health and well-being, you've come to the right place. We work with you to create meaningful change, overcome barriers, and move forward to a better way of living.

We als work closely with providers in the areas of nutrition, image consulting, and mental health and wellness and collaborate as a team to support you through life's daily challenges if that’s a part of your goals. We will work together to ensure that you meet and maintain  all your self-care goals.

We also provide phone, online and in-person coaching (at select locatios) and supportive counselling:

When Therapy Is Not For You, But You’re Looking For A Change

The pace of life can be overwhelming and can get in the way of your self-care. Family and friends are a vital part of your support system, however we've found that it's worlds apart from the ability to connect with a trained professional to check-in and work together to process life's challenges. We also recognize that formal therapy is not for everyone, sitting weekly in a therapists office might not be for you, and might not really be aimed at what your looking for.

Our services are in line with the needs of a modern population, providing counselling, coachinig and support across multiple mediums: in person,phone, email, video chatting, and in limited contexts even text. We leave more of the formalized clinical therapy options to our partners at www.gtatherapy.com.

We tailor our services based on each persons' lifestyle. This provides a unique continuity of care which ensures that gains are maintained, and support is consistent. 

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Our mission statement is simple: to provide superior care and reliable service when you need us.